Busting myths about the Voice

Busting myths about the Voice

About the VFR

The Virtual Freedom Ride started with staff and students at the University of Canberra, inspired by the Freedom Riders of 1965 – and is open to staff, students and community members of education institutions across the country. There is no cost to joining.

The point of the VFR is that you no longer have to get on a bus to reach other Australians and let them know about the importance of voting Yes.

Social Media, email, phone calls are at the disposal of virtually all Australians – giving us all the opportunity to combat misinformation and let others know about the importance of voting Yes at the coming Referendum on the Voice to Parliament.

If you believe it is important to vote Yes, we want to provide resources and a virtual platform to help raising awareness about the Voice, fighting myths and misinformation and encouraging all Australians to unite behind a campaign designed to improve recognition and outcomes for First Australians.

We are not affiliated with any political party. We simply seek to grow recognition of the importance of the Voice to all Australians and to encourage a positive outcome for this year’s referendum.

We are committed to positive, progressive action in support of the Voice, listening to the majority of Elders and leaders who attended the Uluru convention in 2017. As staff and students of education institutions, we are also committed to truth, building awareness and combatting misinformation, regardless of what side of the debate it comes from.

VFR Principles

  • The VFR is for people from education communities – staff, students and others such as parents who support the Yes campaign.
  • The VFR is committed to growing understanding about the Voice and correcting misinformation and misconceptions about the proposed Voice.
  • The VFR is not part of any political party and has been established for the sole purpose of advocating for and building awareness about the Voice.
  • The VFR will not tolerate racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind and will actively combat misinformation about the Voice. We will therefore moderate social media and other platforms to ensure that our campaign focuses on truth-based advocacy.
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