Key facts about the Voice - what you need to know

Key facts about the Voice - what you need to know

All Aboard

Supporting the voice campaign is easy.
It’s only a click or a word away.
When you join the Virtual Freedom Ride, we will send you updates on the campaign, can connect you with others who want to support the Voice and help support the national campaign for a Yes vote.

What you can do

Join The VFR

There are just a few ground rules.

  • The VFR is for people from education communities – staff, students and others such as parents who support the Yes campaign.
  • The VFR is committed to growing understanding about the Voice and correcting misinformation and misconceptions about the proposed Voice.
  • The VFR is not part of any political party and has been established for the sole purpose of advocating for and building awareness about the Voice.
  • The VFR will not tolerate racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind and will actively combat misinformation about the Voice. We will therefore moderate social media and other platforms to ensure that our campaign focuses on truth-based advocacy.

About The VFR

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