Busting myths about the Voice

Busting myths about the Voice

Why Yes

Voting Yes will provide an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be heard by government, so that we can achieve better health, education and wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous people.

Australia’s constitution doesn’t recognise Indigenous people.

The vote is responding to the requests of Indigenous Elders who met in 2017 and called for change.

The Voice provides an opportunity to formally recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, and to provide information and advice direct to government in relation to laws and policies that affect them.

The Case for Yes


VFR is not affiliated with any party or other campaign. We support the campaign in favour of the referendum as a grassroots initiative of staff and students in the education sector.

Free Voice course

A free microcredential course on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament has been developed by Macquarie University and is a great way to understand the proposed Voice in greater detail. The course is available online and takes only 1-2 hours. You can register for the course online now.

Further reading

For more information about other campaigns relating to the referendum you can visit the following pages.

Yes23 volunteer page

Sign up to be a volunteer for the Yes23 campaign and make your voice heard in the upcoming referendum.

Local Yes groups

Join a Local Yes Group: a team of volunteers who organise for Yes in their community, and take regular action together.

Referendum information

A range of resources about the Voice and the referendum, including posters, templates, social media posts, and more.

1965 Freedom Ride

'The Freedom Ride was probably the greatest and most exciting event I have ever been involved in.' — Charles Perkins

Close The Gap

A First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution is a key element of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Supporting the Uluru Statement

The University of Canberra (UC) supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Support for the Voice

More than 70 organisations are all members of a network of 2,450 organisations with a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

VFR23 Posters

Show your support with one of our posters! Step on board. You can be making change in seconds. No cost. All welcome.

Voice to Parliament

Understand the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament with the help of University of Melbourne experts.

It’s Not JUST the Vibe, It’s the Constitution!

Produced in the UCFM studios, a new podcast series exploring the Australian constitution.

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