Join the Virtual Freedom Ride and Make History in the 2023 Voice to Parliament Referendum

The Power of Unity

In 1965, a group of passionate students from Sydney embarked on a remarkable journey that would forever change the course of Australian history. They boarded a bus and traveled through rural NSW, spreading awareness about the rights of Aboriginal people and ultimately playing a crucial role in the success of the 1967 referendum. Now, over four decades later, we have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and make history once again.

The Virtual Freedom Ride is calling upon staff and students from education institutions across Australia to join forces and make the case for ‘yes’ in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum. But this time, we don’t need to physically board a bus. We can create a digital frontier of unity and empowerment.

By coming together virtually, we can amplify our voices and drive real change. Together, we can make a difference, just like those brave students did all those years ago.

Embracing the Digital Frontier

The power of technology has revolutionized the way we connect and engage with one another. In today’s digital era, we have the ability to reach a global audience with just a few clicks. The Virtual Freedom Ride harnesses this power to create a movement of solidarity and advocacy.

Through social media campaigns, online forums, webinars, and virtual events, we can educate, inspire, and mobilize individuals across Australia and beyond. We can share stories, facts, and personal experiences that shed light on the importance of giving a voice to our Aboriginal communities.

The digital frontier allows us to transcend geographical boundaries and limitations. It enables us to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for equality and justice. Together, we can unite in a powerful chorus of voices, demanding a fair and inclusive future.

Join Us on the Virtual Freedom Ride

We invite you to be a part of history. Join the Virtual Freedom Ride and help make the 2023 Voice to Parliament referendum a resounding success. Together, we can advocate for the rights of Aboriginal people, ensuring their voices are heard and their perspectives acknowledged.

Visit our website to learn more about the Virtual Freedom Ride and discover the various ways you can get involved. Whether you’re a student, a staff member, or simply passionate about social justice, there’s a place for you in this movement.

Together, we can create a future where every voice matters. Together, we can make history.

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